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Our collaboration with Malvern Panalytical will help us to work even better on our ongoing and future projects to achieve stability improvements for a range of vaccines

Dr. Andreas Seidl, Chief Operating Officer at Leukocare

What’s stopping your vaccine from changing the world?

Innovation in vaccine development and production is moving at speed. However, developing novel vaccines is uniquely challenging.  

Do you recognize these challenges?  

  • Staying ahead of the competition, especially when 3rd generation vaccines receive ever-higher levels of investment
  • Implementing appropriate methods and analytical tools to create consistent, safe and efficacious vaccine products 
  • Staying compliant with constantly evolving, ceaselessly changing regulatory guidelines
  • Finding the efficiencies, people, and resources to develop innovative products and processes 
  • Successfully transferring new discoveries to scale-up and manufacturing
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technology and approaches 

mRNA vaccines

A new era in vaccinology 

Less than a year after the SARS-CoV-2 virus was initially identified and sequenced, the US FDA granted emergency use authorization to Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech for their mRNA vaccines, a new platform for humans. 

The mRNA vaccine delivers a nucleoside modified messenger RNA (mRNA), and the human host cell machinery uses this mRNA as a template to produce CoV S proteins. After the 1st and 2nd vaccine doses, the host learns how to make antibodies specifically against the S proteins. 

If we are then infected with SARS CoV-2 virus, our immune system rapidly mobilizes and we are very likely to avoid serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

The use of mRNA has several beneficial features over conventional and advanced vaccine platforms such as subunit, killed and live attenuated virus, and DNA-based vaccines.

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Join the immunization revolution

Malvern Panalytical provides more than just analytical instruments. 

Whatever approach you are taking to vaccine development, we can help you implement the characterization tools and know-how you need to bring your life-changing vaccines to the world.  

From material characterization to vaccine manufacturing and quality control – we can help you overcome your challenges: 

  • Our experienced scientists can act as a flexible extension to your team – if you’re facing a challenge with your program then chances are, our team has faced it before
  • Once we’ve identified the right methods, we provide development services to overcome your specific challenges in the most efficient way
  • Our approach bridges the physicochemical characterization, expertise, bandwidth or technology gaps in your organization. 
  • Our physicochemical characterization solutions have applications across numerous stages of vaccine development, from fundamental research to manufacturing and production 
  • We help you develop reliable, repeatable techniques that improve the efficiency of your workflows (without you having to break a sweat)
  • Access training and support to upskill your team and quickly realize the full value of your investment in the analytical technology

Are you ready to combine next-level analytical tools with decades-long experience to help drive forward the next wave of vaccine products? 

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Featured product: MicroCal DSC range


Speed up your thermal stability studies via the gold standard analytical tool for biotherapeutics, biological macromolecules and polymers in solution

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通过差示扫描量热法 (DSC),能够在基于病毒的疫苗开发的每个阶段以及重组产品的工艺开发过程中了解和监测蛋白质的高阶结构 (HOS) 和热稳定性。 DSC 还用于了解脂质体作为核酸疫苗载体的热稳定性。


MicroCal DSC 系列

MicroCal DSC 系列







电泳光散射用于对以病毒样颗粒 (VLP)、脂质体和其他纳米颗粒为载体的产品(例如 mRNA 疫苗)进行表征和配方开发,以确定粒度和胶体稳定性。


在使用 VLP、脂质体和其他纳米颗粒等载体时,颗粒浓度非常重要。 纳米颗粒跟踪分析技术和多角度动态光散射用于在表征和配方开发阶段测量颗粒浓度。 


差示扫描量热法是表征蛋白质的基本工具,在了解各种条件下蛋白质的稳定性方面发挥着关键作用。 动态光散射用于研究和预测蛋白质的稳定性,并提供在整个开发过程中使用的稳定性指示数据。

MicroCal DSC 系列

MicroCal DSC 系列


许多疫苗需要在配方中加入佐剂以确保有效的免疫应答。 根据疫苗类型,电泳光散射激光衍射纳米颗粒跟踪分析技术差示扫描量热法都有助于利用佐剂优化配方。 



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