Vector analytics webinars

Discover new insights to help you characterize viral & non-viral vectors

Welcome to the vector analytics webinar hub 

When you are developing viral or non-viral delivery platforms for vaccines, gene therapies, or phage-based treatments you need to apply the right technologies and expertise to ensure these delivery vectors help your treatments reach their full potential. Explore our webinars, where you’ll find insights, tips and advice from technology and application experts. 

mRNA-LNP biophysical characterization bootcamp

Developing drugs as complex as mRNA-LNPs requires a customized analytical toolkit of methods and technologies. Join our expert team as we explore biophysical characterization for mRNA LNPs.

Vector analytics masterclass

Join our team of characterization experts as they dive deep into the methodologies you need for successful vector development. They’ll also show you how to generate robust measurements and help you understand how a holistic approach to generating data analysis will give you greater confidence in your results.

Lipid nanoparticle characterization

Recent breakthroughs in mRNA-based vaccines highlight the potential of lipid-based particles as powerful and versatile delivery vectors for vaccines. But what characterization tools do you need to help you design, optimize and scale up nanoparticle production for mRNA-based vaccines?

Viral vector characterization

Our webinars address the real challenges being faced in the development and of viral vectors – and show you how analytical technology can help you overcome them.

Focus on vaccine development series

Discover the latest characterization tools that can be applied to virus and vaccine studies with insights from practicing experts in this four-part webinar series.