Mineralogical analysis in mining, metals and building materials

Turnkey solution for accurate mineralogical analysis

Mineralogical analysis of ores, metals and cement are key for cost-effective, green and constant quality production. X-ray diffraction is a powerful tool that directly probes the mineralogy of the final product and its intermediates. X-ray diffraction is easy-to-use, fully automatable and results are user independent. Further, it is a fast technique, accurate and results are highly reproducible.

Expertise program for mineralogical analysis with XRD

This Expertise program delivers a complete methodology for routine mineralogical analysis for customers in the mining, metals and cement segment. The methods are tailored to customer specific materials. The methodology can be applied to AerisEmpyrean and X’Pert3 Powder systems.


  • Setup of optimized methods tailored to customer specific materials, enabling best throughput and accurate results, as well as easy routine analysis by factory operators
  • RoboRiet license
  • Advice on workflow optimization
  • Advice on efficient preparation of samples
  • User training and documentation


  • Malvern Panalytical X-ray diffractometer: Aeris, Empyrean or X’pert3 powder
  • Sample preparation equipment