Modern Metrology for Semiconductors

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What can our solutions do for you?  

Our physical, chemical, and structural analysis solutions for semiconductors cover the entire value chain. With them, you’ll be able to: 



Driving the smart revolution

From phones and laptops to cars and smart meters – so many of the devices we rely on contain advanced electronics and semiconductors. While manufacturing multi-layered structures, it is essential to control your film parameters and our X-Ray instruments and expertise help carry out the detailed analysis you need for this. 

X'Pert³ MRD

Epitaxial layers - Textured layers
X'Pert³ MRD

Moving towards a sustainable future

As well as digital devices, semiconductors can enable several sustainable technologies, such as LED lighting and more efficient batteries. Read our blog to discover how our X-ray analysis solutions can help you contribute to this sustainable future.

Discover how we’re enabling semiconductor innovation

Check out our article on compound semiconductors to learn about today’s semiconductor landscape, what the future holds, and how we can help you keep up with all these developments. 

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