X-ray fluorescence tubes

Optimized for a particular XRF spectrometer

Optimized for your level of sample throughput and performance​

Malvern Panalytical is the only manufacturer of analytical X-ray systems that develops and manufactures high-power X-ray tubes. Our tube factory, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, celebrated its 100th anniversary of tube R & D and manufacturing in 2017. We are proud to supply X-ray tubes for Malvern Panalytical instrumentation as well as other analytical brands in the market. Next to our standard models, X-ray tubes can be customized according to specific demands. For instance, whether you are in a demanding high throughput or dusty environments. Our X-ray tubes can be ordered as single items, but also in small or large quantities based on volume contracts.​

How you benefit​

  • High performing, safe, and superior quality control you can trust​
  • Optimized design and performance for your X-ray instruments​, for instance:
    • tailored tube design and configuration for optimizing your X-ray instrument footprint​
    • custom solutions like tailoring anode materials for selective excitation for elements of interest ​
  • Assured reliable supply of X-ray tubes ​
  • Guaranteed supply of X-ray tubes for the lifetime of your instrument​

Compare our XRF Tubes

Epsilon3 Tube 455x255.jpg SSTmAX 435x355.jpg SSTmAX 435x355.jpg SST_mAX50 435x355.jpg TTT1_ 350x255.jpg
Epsilon tubeSST - RSST RmAX TubeSST R-mAX 50 CHI-BLUE TubeTarget Transmission Tube
Instrument compatibilityEpsilon 1
Epsilon 4
Wide range of applications

High throughput environment suitability

Maximum uptime: Drift-free equals minimal re-calibration required

High intensity

Superior light performance

Protection against corrosive materials

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SST Tube435x355.jpg SSTmAX 435x355.jpg SST_mAX50 435x355.jpg

Super Sharp Tube

The SST has a high overall intensity and superior performance on light elements.

SST-mAX tube

SST-mAX X-ray tubes are standard on all WDXRF spectrometers

SST-mAX50 tube

SST-mAX X-ray tubes are standard on the Axios FAST and Zetium spectrometers.

Epsilon3 Tube 455x255.jpg TTT1_ 350x255.jpg

Epsilon X-ray tube

The Epsilon X-ray tube is designed and optimized for Malvern Panalytical's energy dispersive benchtop spectrometers.

Target Transmission  Tube

The Target Transmission (TT) X-ray Tube is designed and optimized for Malvern Panalytical's Venus 200 and CubiX XRF spectrometers.