SST-mAX Tube

A high power metal-ceramic end window X-ray tube

In conventional high-powered X-ray spectrometers, X-ray tube aging is a major contributor of instrument drift. That impacts not only data quality but also incurs costs and downtime as trained engineers are required to recalibrate your instrument. Malvern Panalytical’s SST R-mAX tube incorporates the innovative ZETA technology (Zero Evaporation Technology Advantage). This development of new material and design geometries optimize important properties such as thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, vapor pressure and adhesion.

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Benefit with SST R-maX tubes​

  • ​Unparalleled performance, reliable results and low cost of ownership ​
  • 2 – 4 times longer lifespan than any other high-powered tubes​
  • Dare to operate at full power or make fast temperature switches without worrying about accelerated tube aging​
  • Always enjoy drift-free results with our Zeta technology ​
  • No drifting means no unnecessary downtime or calibration costs​
  • Excellent sensitivity and superior light element performance​
  • Plus added protection against corrosion with Chi-blue technology


SST R-mAX high performance graph.jpg SST R-mAX, the market’s only high performance X-ray tube​

Dare to operate at full power and still get as much as 4 times longer lifespan than other high-powered tubes

SST R-mAX track record graph.jpg Reliable track record even in challenging situations​

Excellent sensitivity and superior performance, with negligible intensity loss, with continuous high-powered operations. This is in spite of 4 years of high throughput, high-powered and dusty environments like mining​