Epsilon 1 for automotive catalysts recycling

Looking for an easy but accurate solution?

Want to get better accuracy and precision from your handheld XRF spectrometer, while keeping your workflow as simple as possible? Our Epsilon 1 ED-XRF spectrometer is here for you.

Epsilon 1 produces precise, accurate data – quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal operator involvement or sample preparation. It’s set up for Pd, Pt, and Rh analysis directly from the factory, so you can get started straight away. And the spectrometer is designed for ultra-safe operations and reproducible sample positioning. Plus, with its compact, robust design, all you need is a regular main connection!

This easy operation makes Epsilon 1 the ideal choice for high-quality, on-site XRF analysis.

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Epsilon 1 will be pre-calibrated in the factory for analyzing of Pt, Pd and Rh in spent automotive catalytic convertors. Put loose powder in a sample cup and measure directly. 

[Periodic_Table_Epsilon_1_automotive_catalyst_recycling.jpg] Periodic_Table_Epsilon_1_automotive_catalyst_recycling.jpg

The accuracy of the method is validated by measuring Certified Reference Materials. The results clearly demonstrate the capability of Epsilon 1 for the analysis of valuable precious metals Pt, Rh and Pd in catalytic converters. 

Sample name (repeats) Compounds Certified conc. Average conc. RMS Rel. RMS (%)
NIST 2556 (20x) Pt (ppm) 697.4 +/- 6.3 695.6 7.2 1.1
Rh (ppm) 51.2 +\- 0.5 53.9 2.0 3.7
Pd (ppm) 326 +/- 1.6 322.8 7.2 2.2
NIST 2557 (20x) Pt (ppm) 1131 +/- 1.9 1189.6 13.2 1.1
Rh (ppm) 135.1 +/- 1.9 141.6 2.2 1.6
Pd (ppm) 233.2 +/- 1.9 236.9 3.6 1.5
ERM-EB504a (5x) Pt (ppm) 1414 +/- 9.0 1424.8 5.1 0.4
Rh (ppm) 210 +/- 2.2 216.2 2.3 1.1
Pd (ppm) 1596 +/- 11 1675.1 18.3 1.1
FLX 133 (5x) Pt (ppm) 465 +/- 32 462.1 4.0 0.9
Rh (ppm) 242 +/- 4 237.6 4.0 1.7
Pd (ppm) 1075 +/- 33 1093.8 15.3 1.4


[icon calibrate.png] icon calibrate.png

Factory calibrated

[icon operator simplicity button.png] icon operator simplicity button.png

Operator friendly

[icon gamma-ray x-ray shielded.png] icon gamma-ray x-ray shielded.png

X-ray shielded

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High level of trust

Guaranteed maximum safety

All Malvern Panalytical X-ray solutions are designed according to the strict regulations of regulatory bodies. The Epsilon 1 tabletop system shields its users against X-rays during analysis. 

You’ll have peace of mind in the lab thanks to a unique internal interlocked enclosure providing complete radiation protection, deserving its Vollshutz classification. No need to worry about safety as the system is fully enclosed and completely safe.

Guaranteed maximum safety

Be Flexible

Sometimes, it’s just not possible or worthwhile to calibrate all your sample types. Perhaps there are no standards, or those that are available are too expensive. But you can still use a generic method to analyze the elemental composition of a single sample. Even better – this method is available on our Epsilon 1 XRF benchtops.

How does this work? By using our standardless Omnian software! Combining twenty generic samples with the power of physics, Omnian can quantify elemental composition for a wide variety of sample types – including polymers and liquids. 

Be Flexible


运行 Microsoft Windows 10 且具有强大的 CPU 和 120 GB 硬盘的内置计算机可确保灵活存储和处理数千个结果。高分辨率、10.4” LCD 触摸屏非常适合简单的移动式操作。




USB 和网络接口可用于连接标准计算机外围设备,支持扩展用途、应用开发和操作员操作。








对 RoHS 所限制材料进行准确的元素分析


XRF 对聚合物和塑料中的有毒元素的准确分析


Claisse 随时满足您的需求!


Epsilon 软件

Epsilon 软件是配合 PANalytical Epsilon 1 和 Epsilon 4 台式 EDXRF 系统系列使用的 XRF 分析软件平台。

Epsilon 软件




当不存在专用方法或认证标准时,Omnian 软件可帮助用户实现尽可能好的分析。



FingerPrint 软件模块和 Epsilon EDXRF 系统非常适合用于分析速度很重要但实际成分不相关时的材料测试。




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