Flexible and compromise-free XRD measurements

PreFIX 350x255.jpg

PreFIX’ stands for pre-aligned fast interchangeable X-ray modules and is our proven proprietary concept meaning that your diffraction system becomes flexible, fast and future proof. 

A modular hardware approach gives your diffraction system full flexibility and no-compromise performance in handling various types of analysis on one system. 

The PreFIX mounting method of optics and stages enables the diffractometer to be reconfigured in a few minutes without the need for re-alignment of the modules (or re-validation of the system performance) thanks to reproducible positioning in three dimensions with micron precision. This means no more lengthy downtime and laborious alignment procedures. 

The PreFIX concept makes the system future proof. When new tasks arise in your laboratory or when new X-ray applications are developed, you add the necessary modules to your system; there is no need to buy a complete system. New optical modules are developed to be compatible with the PreFIX mounting method on X'Pert³ Powder, X'Pert³ MRD (XL) and Empyrean

With PreFIX your X-ray diffraction system will always be precisely the kind of X'Pert³ or Empyrean you want it to be.