Ultra-fast automated crystal orientation in a compact package

Determine the full crystal orientation precisely in seconds using our proprietary scan method. DDCOM is efficient with low energy consumption and operating costs – making it ideal for both research and industry applications alike.

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Ultra-fast, precise (up to (1/100)o crystal orientation at your fingertips. DDCOM acquires reliable results more than 100 times faster than the traditional methods with additional time savings due to the top down-measurement geometry. This highly versatility instrument utilizes an air-cooled X-ray tube and portable design to ensure lower running costs and maximum convenience, ideal for quality control, marking, and research applications.

Features and Benefits

Ultra fast accuracy

Our proprietary scan method requires only one scan rotation to gather all the necessary data for crystal orientation determination, delivering precise results in the range of a few seconds (single rotation). 

The material-specific instrument geometry enables the orientation of the crystal lattice to be measured in relation to the rotation axis ultra-fast with precision increasing with the number of scan rotations.

Compact, user-friendly format

The compact design of DDCOM allows the system to fit into any setting. The software is both powerful and intuitive, making it convenient and easy to operate for a range of users.

Precise, efficient control

Maintain control of cutting, grinding, and lapping processes with high precision up to 1/100o. DDCOM delivers complete lattice orientation of single crystals and is designed for the azimuthal setting and marking of crystal orientation.

Pre-programmed crystal parameters enable the determination of arbitrary unknown orientation of various structures, and aids in refining the workflow for greater efficiency. Various stage accessories enable metrology in different process steps.

Versatile and cost-effective

DDCOM is well-equipped for both research and production environments in which a range of sample types need to be analyzed. Operating costs are low for the DDCOM, thanks to its low energy consumption and air-cooled X-ray tube – no water cooling is required.

The instrument can measure a range of different materials with varying structures making it a versatile addition to any laboratory. Some examples of measurable materials include:

  • Cubic, arbitrary unknown orientation: Si, Ge, GaAs, GaP, InP
  • Cubic, special orientation: Ag, Au, Ni, Pt, GaSb, InAs, InSb, AlSb, ZnTe, CdTe, SiC3C, PbS, PbTe, SnTe, MgO, LiF, MgAl2O4, SrTiO3, LaTiO3
  • Tetragonal: MgF2, TiO2, SrLaAlO4
  • Hexagonal and trigonal: SiC 2H, 4H, 6H, 15R, GaN, ZnO, LiNbO3, SiO2 (quartz), Al2O3 (sapphire), GaPO4, La3Ga5SiO14
  • Orthorhombic: Mg2SiO4, NdGaO

Key Applications

Crystal orientation control for cutting, grinding, and lapping
Due to its small footprint, automation capabilities and rapid measurement speed, DDCOM XRD gives you a convenient, user-friendly way to measure crystal orientation enabling the precise and efficient control of cutting, grinding, and lapping processes.
Setting and marking of crystal orientation
DDCOM is equipped for azimuthal setting and marking of crystal orientation. Wafer marking relies on excellent precision and rapid monitoring, and DDCOM delivers the speed and precision your process needs. Lightweight and portable, it is easily integrated into your existing setup or as part of a new process.
Quality control
Measurement speed and throughput time is crucial for production quality control – but for routine measurements, it is also important to keep running costs low. DDCOM is not only efficient in throughput and productivity due to the top down-measurement geometry, but also in energy use – keeping your costs lower and your processes running optimally, without compromising quality.
Materials research
Able to measure a versatile range of crystal types within a small laboratory footprint, DDCOM is ideal for standard research workflows. Running costs are kept low by minimized energy consumption and an air-cooled X-ray tube with no need for water cooling. DDCOM is also accessible and easy to operate for a range of experience levels, making it a practical solution for research laboratories.


Technical specification
X-ray source 30 W air-cooled X-ray tube, Cu anode
Detectors Two scintillation counters
Sample holder Precise turntable, setting accuracy 0.01°, tools for defined sample positioning and marking
Physical specification
Dimensions 600 mm × 600 mm × 850 mm
Weight 80 kg
Power supply 100-230 V, 500 W, single phase
Room temperature ≤ 30° C
Configuration options
Device for mapping of wafers (maximum diameter 225 mm)
Device for automatic loading from cassettes
Examples of measurable materials
Cubic / arbitrary unknown orientation: Si, Ge, GaAs, GaP, AlAs, AlP, InP, NaCl, AgCl, CaF2
Cubic / special orientation: Ag, Au, Ni, Pt, GaSb, InAs, InSb, AlSb, ZnTe, CdTe, SiC 3C, PbS, PbTe, SnTe, MgO, LiF, MgAl2O4, SrTiO3, LaTiO3
Tetragonal: MgF2, TiO2, SrLaAlO4
Hexagonal / Trigonal: SiC 2H, 4H, 6H, 15R, GaN, ZnO, LiNbO3, SiO2 (quartz), Al2O3 (sapphire), GaPO4, La3Ga5SiO14
Orthorhombic: Mg2SiO4, NdGaO3
Further materials according to the customers’ demands


Device for wafer mapping

Optional add-on for exploring and mapping crystal orientation or surface distortions.

Device for wafer mapping

Automatic loading from cassette

An extra tool to enable automated loading of samples from a cassette, improving throughput time and workflow efficiency.

Automatic loading from cassette


Support services 

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


  • Turnkey solutions for elemental and structural semiconductor metrology
  • Automation and consultancy
  • Training and education
Powerful automated XRD on your desktop

Powerful automated XRD on your desktop

Get versatile, ultra-fast crystal orientation measurements with the power of automation – all in a lightweight and cost-effective desktop instrument.

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