Top tips for improving the performance of dry powder inhaler formulations

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How well dry powder inhaler delivers a drug depends on the device releasing and dispersing the formulation. Multiple factors that affect this process:

  • The combination of free-flowing larger excipient particles interacting with the sticky fine active particle
  • How those ingredients are processed
  • The impact of breathing rate on the dispersion of agglomerates

While the compendial technique for measuring the particle size of dry powder inhalers is cascade impaction, the time resolved measurements by laser diffraction can reveal how the size and quantity of particles released from the device varies during inhalation. The wider dynamic range of laser diffraction also shows how well agglomerates are dispersed at different breathing rates, and how the microstructure of the dry powder formulation affects this process.

In this webinar laser diffraction expert, Anne Virden will introduce the Spraytec system and show you how it is a powerful tool for understanding the performance of dry powder inhalers, speeding up development and improving drug delivery to the lungs.


  • Anne Virden - Product Manager Micromaterials, Malvern Panalytical


Who should attend? 

  • Scientists interested in inhaler development 
  • Pharmaceutical scientists working with novel spray formulations and process technologies
  • Pharmaceutical scientists involved in the characterization of inhalers

What will you learn? 

  • How multiple physical factors affect inhaler development