From impurities to catalysts; from crystal structure to characterization of chemicals, we provide essential tools for chemists. Being absolutely sure about which chemical you deal with, and in what phase it is presented, is one of the benefits of using XRD. Particle size and shape analyses are key parameters for processing and end-product qualities in the many chemical industrial applications. In contrast, XRF provides means to determine the elemental composition. For instance, XRF can determine the low-level (mg/kg) elemental impurities or catalyst residues in your products. 

Typical applications include:

  • Phase identification and confirmation 
  • Crystal structure refinement with unrivalled resolution
  • Elemental composition and impurities determination
  • REACH compliance and REACH sameness using full-pattern analysis and cluster analysis to enable the comparison
  • Particle size and shape analysis 
  • Simple yes/no confirmation if you deal with the expected chemicals of for instance everyday incoming goods

REACH compliance

XRD uniquely identifies your (semi-) crystalline chemicals. Malvern Panalytical’s X-ray diffractometers are fast and ideally suited for operator-friendly operation. Moreover it is accurate, simple and fully automated. For example, identification for REACH sameness, is now a simple push-button operation. 

The Empyrean X-ray diffractomer enables the widest range of XRD techniques on one platform. It is ideal for more research-oriented environments including particle shape and size determination possibilities and in situ reaction monitoring. 

Malvern Panalytical’s wavelength dispersive (WD) and energy dispersive (ED) spectrometers belonging to the Zetium and Epsilon 4 respectively, deliver the flexibility and robustness needed to meet the demands for flexibility in the chemicals production environments. The Epsilon 4 range with FingerPrint software for example provides operator-friendly and efficient solutions for quality control. 

Zetasizer 纳米粒度电位仪系列

Empyrean 锐影系列多功能X射线衍射仪​

Zetium 系列X射线荧光光谱仪

Epsilon 系列

Zetasizer 纳米粒度电位仪系列 Empyrean 锐影系列多功能X射线衍射仪​ Zetium 系列X射线荧光光谱仪 Epsilon 系列


The multipurpose solution for your analytical needs



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