Protect your instrument with a service agreement

During the warranty period, your system is fully covered for corrective maintenance, parts and on-site labor. To ensure your continued satisfaction with your Malvern Panalytical system we offer a choice of service agreements that maximize the performance of your system throughout its lifetime.

Protect your investment and you could be enjoying these benefits

  • Priority response time 
  • Avoid billables like labor charges for corrective maintenance 
  • No pre-agreement inspection (which may be applicable for systems coming onto a service agreement after a 60 day no coverage period) 
  • Discounted labor rates
  • On-site preventive maintenance & safety checks

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Range of service agreements

The table documents items which are included as part of the respective agreements, and the level of response time you can expect. 

Types of coverageComprehensive service agreement (Corrective and Preventive maintenance: A + B coverage)Preventive maintenance (PM) service agreement (B coverage only)No agreement
Priority 1Priority 2Priority 3
A) Corrective maintenance

Priority 1 response time:

  • Phone support from qualified engineer within 4 hours
  • Priority queuing of qualified engineer for on-site support regardless of location
Technical phone support (8hrs /5days per wk)Free for first 15mins
Service parts *
Labour for corrective maintenance
Discounts for on-site travel
B) Preventive maintenance
Labor for preventive maintenance
PM kit
On-site checks
Safety / radiation checks

Optional add-ons 

Optional add-ons are available upon request:

  • Online performance checks 4 x per year
  • Technical phone support: 12hrs /7days per wk *
  • Technical phone support 24hrs/7days per wk *
  • Talk to us about a 1, 2 or 3-year service agreement

* Applicable to comprehensive service agreements only

Terms & Conditions 

Benefits of getting a service agreement 

  • Comprehensive agreement benefits (priority 1 response time) 
    For comprehensive agreements, labor and parts are included 

  • Preventative Maintenance service agreement benefits (priority 2 response time)
    For preventative maintenance (PM) service agreements in the event of any corrective maintenance required, PM agreement holders enjoy discounted labor and travel time 

Number of Preventative Maintenance Checks Annually

  • XRD systems
    Cubix systems have 2 preventative maintenance checks annually
    Empyrean, Aeris, X’Pert3 MRD, X’Pert3 MPD systems have 1 preventative maintenance check annually 

  • XRF systems
    WDXRF have 2 preventative maintenance checks annually

  • Benchtop XRF
    Epsilon 1, Epsilon 3, Epsilon 4 range systems have 1 preventative maintenance check annually 

Sample Preparation

  • TheOx, TheOx Adv, LeNeo, LeDoser – B Coverage Only. 
  • Number of preventive maintenance checks carried out depends on instrument usage. Either quarterly or six monthly.

Non-Supported Parts

  • XRD instrument
    Collimators, fixed slits, sealed detectors, scintillation detectors, HT cables, monochromators, x-ray tubes, sample holders, sample loaders, sample magazines, software, chiller systems, computer systems, peripherals and their consumables. Various high, low temperature and reaction chamber attachments. 
    Exceptions: Aeris includes x-ray tubes for comprehensive agreement holders 

  • XRF instrument
    Crystals, collimators, flow-counter wire and windows, sealed detectors, scintillation detectors, HT cables, x-ray tubes, sample holders, software, chiller systems, gas sealed detectors, monochromators, motor alternators, sample magazines, HTK temperature attachments, computer systems, peripherals and their consumables. 
    Exceptions: Epsilon 3 and Epsilon 4 includes x-ray tubes for comprehensive agreement holders

Phone Support

  • Comprehensive service agreement
    Phone support excludes public holidays unless the agreement is upgraded to 12/7 or 24/7 phone support 

  • Performance Checks
    Performance checks using TeamViewer can be carried out for SuperQ software versions 5.3 and higher