Epsilon 3X in automation

Flexible and safe automation for process control

Historically, the automation of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments has been limited to high-power wavelength dispersive (WD)XRF systems. However, more and more benchtop energy dispersive (ED)XRF spectrometers are sold into production control as cost-effective solutions because of improved performance. Recent advances in Epsilon 3X (ED)XRF spectrometers make them an attractive alternative in automated environments.

The Epsilon 3X automation option is a simple and flexible solution interfacing your existing Epsilon 3 or new Epsilon 3X analyzer to any sample preparation equipment. The flexible sample introduction system is specifically designed to handle a variety of prepared samples coming from a belt, a robot or even from a manual input slide.

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Easy to integrate Epsilon 3X

New and existing Epsilon 3X spectrometers (with standard lid only) are easily integrated in the field without any modification necessary to the instrument. You will not void any guarantees or legal conformities by putting your Epsilon 3 unit inside the automation cabinet. 

Complete safety 

Prepared samples are picked up from a belt and transferred inside the Epsilon 3X instrument in complete safety. The instrument is enclosed in a sealed cabinet for safe operation and protection against dust, making it extremely robust. The interlocked cabinet door protects the operator from moving components during operation. 

Flexible sample introduction 

Prepared samples can be introduced to the Epsilon 3 instrument in four different ways: 

  • sample on conveyer belt with surface down
  • sample on conveyer belt with surface up (using sample inverter mechanism)
  • via robotic arm (located outside the cabinet)
  • via manual sample slide (through-wall operation).




为确保您的仪器保持最佳状态并发挥最高性能,马尔文帕纳科提供了广泛的服务。 我们的专业知识和支持服务可确保您的仪器发挥最佳功能。



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