Versatile tool for nanomaterial analysis

With the ScatterX78 module, designed for the Empyrean and the Empyrean Nano edition, you can perform small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) measurements on nanomaterials.
The SAXS signal allows for the dimensional and structural analysis of a material on the nanoscale. Complementary information about the crystalline phases, the size of nanocrystallites and their orientation can be obtained from the WAXS signal. ScatterX78 can be used for the characterization of a variety of samples, such as colloidal dispersions, polymers, protein solutions, surfactants, nanopowders and liquid crystals.

Unique and very easy to use

  •     Pre-aligned, detachable module (PreFIX)
  •     Very compact, ergonomic and easy to use
  •     Variety of sample holders, incl. temperature control
  •     Excellent cost-performance-ratio

The ScatterX78 chamber contains advanced beam conditioning elements, a sample capsule and a semi-transparent beam stop. It is evacuated to eliminate parasitic air scattering. A temperature-controlled capillary holder is available for soft matter studies.
ScatterX78 is primarily used in a line collimation setup, together with an X-ray mirror and our state-of-the art hybrid pixel area detectors.


ScatterX F3 350x255.jpg

Unmatched performance

The SAXS setup with ScatterX78 allows for measurements of SAXS data from 0.08 deg 2theta. Each data set also contains the attenuated direct beam profile as a reference.

ScatterX78 can even be used for dilute, low-contrast samples having a weak scattering intensity. Its resolution, sensitivity and speed of measurement are unmatched on a multi-functional X-ray instrument.
SAXS data analysis is facilitated by our EasySAXS software.

WAXS up to 78 deg 2theta

The detector is mounted on the 2theta arm of Empyrean's high-resolution goniometer and moved along the focusing circle around the sample. This enables high-quality WAXS data up to as high as 78 deg 2theta, and in a seamless continuation of the SAXS measurement.

Our HighScore (Plus) software is available for the identification and quantification of crystalline phases, and for the determination of nanocrystallite size.




With ScatterX78 you can also perform 2D SAXS and 2D WAXS measurements using point collimation. The 2D option is important for samples with an anisotropic structure, as observed e.g. in polymer foils or fibers. Experimental data obtained with the point collimation setup are essentially free from smearing effects. Switching between the 1D and 2D setup only takes a few minutes.
2D data processing can be done with our XRD2Dscan software packages.