OmniTrust software

For regulatory compliance and data integrity

OmniTrust is Malvern Panalytical’s instrument-agnostic solution for regulatory compliance and data integrity.

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Auditing a measurement can take time, so our software contains many features to make this process more efficient for our customers. It has been designed to be simple but powerful, saving time on implementation and in daily use, streamlining the workflow, and allowing complete confidence that no surprises will be discovered during an audit. 

This forms part of a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution (in conjunction with a robust IT policy).

Key software features include:

  • Defining set roles for users 
  • Approval processes for signing measurements
  • Recording reasons for aborting measurements 
  • Capturing audit trail entries for failed actions due to the use of incorrect credentials 
  • Audit of the security features for remote viewing

OmniTrust consists of 3 different modules:

  • OmniAccess
    Enables authentication and supports complex domains. It provides flexible access configuration (roles and permissions) in an OmniTrust environment

  • OmniTrail
    View and audit system and user activity in an OmniTrust environment

  • OmniTrust System Audit Trail
    The server version enables you to store your System Audit Trail on a central server in an OmniTrust environment

Download OmniTrust

[Om_logo.png] 637353357645078214LB.png Download the latest version of OmniTrust here.

OmniTrust is designed to work with the following application software versions or higher (please also check the relevant application software release notes or software update notifications):

  • ZSXplorer 2.x
  • Aeris Instrument Suite version 1.6
  • Data Collector version 7.x
  • Data Viewer version 2.x
  • HighScore (Plus) version 5.x
  • Mastersizer 4.0

This software requires a valid license key - the software will not run without it. Contact your local representative if you don’t have a valid license key.