Fusion start-up program

Our instruments are quick and easy to install. However, starting up the fusion application and validating the methods in your environment can be greatly accelerated with the Fusion Start-Up Program. 


The Fusion Start-Up Program consists of having one of our chemists come for three days to your laboratory to install and operate your instrument as well as to help you get familiar with the basics of fusion. Our experts will also demonstrate how to fuse your samples and show you the basics of regular maintenance. 

By allowing you to use the full potential of your instrument and of your human resources, this personalized service increases productivity in the laboratory. It ensures a quick and efficient use of your fusion instrument and optimizes its uptime.

The Fusion Start-Up also increases the longevity of your instrument and of your platinumware. There is no limit to the number of people that can be trained by our specialists. The Fusion Start-Up Program covers various topics such as how to use / install your instrument, weighing, mold and crucible manipulation and maintenance, fusion method development and validation, etc.