OmniTrust software update v1.4

OmniTrust is Malvern Panalytical’s instrument-agnostic solution for regulatory compliance and data integrity.

This software requires a valid license key. The software will not run without it. Contact your local representative if you don’t have a valid license key.

OmniTrust consists of different modules:

  • OmniAccess is a software program that enables authentication and supports complex domains. It provides flexible access configuration (roles and permissions) in an OmniTrust environment.
  • OmniTrail is a software program to view and audit system and user activity in an OmniTrust environment
  • OmniTrust System Audit Trail Server version enables you to store your System Audit Trail on a central server in an OmniTrust environment

The Malvern Panalytical License Manager application version is also included in the download. It should be installed or updated before installing OmniTrust. This part of the installation requires a reboot of the computer.

OmniTrust version 1.4 adds flexible roles which enables instruments to be used flexibly in different environments such as R&D and QC where different levels of signing for events may be needed.





This release replaces previous versions of OmniTrust. When upgrading the software, please review the release and installation documentation and the updated qualification documentation (available from your local sales/service organization).

A migration path for XRD Audit Trail users will become available in Q1 2022.

Operating systems

Windows 10

Compatible application software packages

OmniTrust is designed to work with the following application software versions or higher (please also check the relevant application software release notes or software update notifications):

  • ZSXplorer 2.x
  • Aeris Instrument Suite version 1.6
  • Data Collector version 7.x
  • Data Viewer version 2.x
  • HighScore (Plus) version 5.x

OmniTrust is NOT compatible with earlier versions of the above-mentioned software packages.

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