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Axios FAST 多道同时式波长色散型X射线荧光光谱仪


从 1994 年飞利浦第一代多道同时式 X 射线荧光光谱仪 PW2600诞生以来,马尔文帕纳科的多道 XRF 已经历了 4 代产品更迭,而不变的是其优异的性能和仪器超高稳定性。

如今的 Axios FAST 配置了“ZETA”技术的 SST-mAX X 射线管、Hi-Per 通道、连续进样转盘、除尘装置的 Axios FAST,拥有成熟的电子计数技术和高性能自动进样器,多种测角仪扫描选择模式造就了它具有高分析速度,低检出限,高通量和更长的正常运行时间。(ZETA :zero evaporation technology advantage)


由于时间关键型过程控制或运行样品高处理量,您是否需要在几秒钟内对化学成分进行无损分析? Malvern Panalytical Axios FAST同步WDXRF光谱仪可同时测量多达28种元素,浓度范围从ppm到100%,是理想的解决方案。准确而稳健的分析、经验不足的工作人员易于操作、高运行时间与低拥有成本并驾齐驱。


Axios FAST 元素分析仪只需几秒钟即可获得分析结果,是时间关键型应用和高样品处理量分析环境的理想工具。主要应用领域包括钢铁与金属合金生产,以及每天需要分析数百样品的地质或商业实验室。 

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Accurate elemental analysis of Cu metals

‘Copper-base’ (Cu-base) is a term used to describe a range of alloys where Cu is the principal component. In order to make the materials suitable for different applications (e.g. the manufacture of coinage, bells, a wide range of mechanical equipment and electrical wiring), Cu is normally alloyed with elements such as Sn, Zn, Ni, Al, and Pb. During the production process fast chemical analysis is needed to minimize errors in production and to maximize production yield. The Cu-base-FP package (including applicable calibration standards) covers the analysis of this wide range of Cu alloys by using the Fundamental Parameter (FP) model.


Claisse is always there to meet your needs!

Claisse provides its customers with quality Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and Reference Materials (RM) from around the world at competitive prices. Whatever your needs, Claisse strives to provide you with the all around services needed to obtain the perfect solution for your XRF, AA and ICP spectroscopy analysis.

Fused Borate Disks

Calibration made easy!

Customized Fused Borate Disks for the calibration and monitoring of XRF applications.

Claisse has a new turn-key solution for your XRF applications. Our fused borate disks are made with Certified Reference Materials (CRM) or customized mixtures of synthetic oxides. They are custom-made to fulfill your personal analytical needs.


The NiFeCo module and setup samples are ideal for calibrating the Zetium spectrometer for the analysis of high temperature steels and super alloys.    


Borate fluxes and chemicals

Your first choice to fuse samples for XRF, ICP and AA analysis

As the one-stop shop in fusion and the world leader in the production of borate fluxes, Claisse develops high-quality chemicals that are easy to use and that ensure no contamination.

Offered in two grades of purity (pure 99.98+% and ultra pure 99.995+%) and available with or without non-wetting agents, our lithium borate fluxes are homogeneous and available in bead format.

Use Claisse lithium borate fluxes to:

  • Avoid crystallization
  • Reduce the incidence of glass sticking to the platinumware
  • Avoid cracking

Make your life easier, try our pre-weighed or customized borate fluxes

Fusion monitor

Quick and error-free proactive monitoring for your fusion instruments

XRF laboratories must assure the quality of their analytical results and ensure accurate and precise data by using quality control sample regularly.

Obtaining the wrong analytical results can affect manufacturing and commercial decisions which can be very costly. Moreover, the Fusion-XRF process remains offline until the source of the variability is thoroughly identified and eliminated. When the analytical results are found to be outside the predefined criteria, planned actions must be taken. Since the analytical results can be affected by a large number of factors, troubleshooting steps may oftentimes become expensive and time consuming.

Pre-weighed fluxes

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend weighing flux?

Since we have at heart your entire satisfaction and are committed to ensure efficiency in your laboratory, we now offer our same high-quality fluxes in wide range of weights. The best fluxes on the market can now be pre-weighed to make your life easier and to accelerate the sample preparation step!


Platinum molds and crucibles

Labware is of critical importance in sample preparation by fusion. Malvern Panalytical offers molds and crucibles made of 95% platinum are 5% gold. They are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to help you obtain the best analytical results.

We also offer nickel and zirconium crucibles for peroxide fusion.

Malvern Panalytical fusion instruments were developed to be used with specifically designed platinumware. All our platinum accessories have been tested and engineered to provide:

  • The best mixing performance.
  • Longer lifetime.
  • Higher success rates in preparation of glass disks.
  • Perfect compatibility with our fusion instruments.

Precious Metal Scrap Policy

Selling your precious metal scrap can have a significant impact on your profits. Invest your scrap platinumware instead of collecting it in your drawers!