Zetasizer sample assistant

Empowering scientists, one automated test at a time

Significantly improve your system utilization with the Sample Assistant – a new accessory for every Zetasizer Advance system. It frees the operator from manually changing samples. 

The result? The same great data quality and versatility you expect from your Zetasizer Advance with even greater efficiency.

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Features and benefits

Here's how Zetasizer Sample Assistant makes a difference:

  • Improves system utilization by minimizing lost time between samples
  • More efficient sample handling without compromising data quality
  • Sample Assistant works together with your existing methods to simplify method transfer. Need a new method? You can create them in the Method Builder as normal
  • Use multiple methods, even on the same sample tray
  • Straightforward workflow guides users through maintenance with ease


  • Bespoke grippers
    Nimble and precise: allows the Assistant to hold your samples securely.

  • Space for your Zetasizer
    Holds your Zetasizer in the correct position for the co‑bot, allowing walk-up use when needed.

  • Co-bot
    Works safely around people. Changes samples for you with smooth and precise movements.

  • Tool holder
    Securely stores datum tools and cell adapters; ready for when the Assistant requires them.

  • Baseboard
    Everything has its place on the baseboard: the instrument, co-bot, and storage.

  • Sample trays 
    Three types of trays to support Standard and Universal sizing cells and Zeta cells.

  • Tray bays
    Hold any tray in a configuration that works for you. Trays can be held in up to six different positions.

Tray bay options

  • Standard Tray: Our standard tray holds samples in presented in 10x10mm cuvettes, such as DTS0012 disposable cuvettes, holds up to 24 cuvettes
  • Zeta Cell Tray: Our zeta cell tray is designed to hold up to 12 Zeta capillary cells, such as DTS1070, in the correct orientation
  • Universal Cell Tray: Our universal cell tray is designed to hold up to 96 of our Universal disposable sizing cells and it honors the plan geometry of ANSI/SLAS 96-well plates to provide improved compatibility with multi-pipettes and fluid handling systems

Providing operator flexibility

The great advantage of the Zetasizer is that the entire system is designed holistically. From the instrument itself to the sample cells, everything about the Zetasizer is designed to ensure optimal data quality. So what’s the missing piece of the puzzle?

Until now, you had to be present to operate the instrument and achieve that unparalleled data quality. From now on, thanks to the Sample Assistant users can enjoy the same, high quality data without the need to attend the instrument, having the chance to do other tasks while the Assistant is dealing with the samples.

The Sample Assistant solves both problems: high-quality sample data that inspires confidence, without the need to be present. It is also easy to upgrade, with no instrument modifications, no time lost when cleaning between samples, and no risk of cross-contamination.

Improve utilization

  • Minimizes the time lost between samples. Sample Assistant is always ready.
  • Extends the workday or week. Your Zetasizer with Sample Assistant can run unattended at any time.
  • Reduces time lost from cleaning flow cells between samples.

Operates safely

  • Works around you: detects obstructions and stops safely.
  • Makes it easy to recover from a system failure: your data is safe and the last known state is preserved.


General specification

Without Zetasizer: 45 kg
With Zetasizer: 65 kg
尺寸: (L x W x H) 600 x 900 x 734 mm
110 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Via Ethernet
(USB – Ethernet converter supplied)

Configuration and accessories

Base configuration
Zetasizer Sample Assistant includes: baseboard, stands, 2 x tray holders, 1 x standard tray, 1 x Zeta cell tray, tool holder with datum tool, tray datum tool and all fixings
Universal Sizing Cell kit
1 x tray holder, 1 x Universal Cell Tray, 2 x Universal Cells, Cell Sealing Jig, 1 x pack cell sealing film (25 sheets)
Zeta cell tray Cell tray to hold DTS1070 cells
Standard Cell tray
Cell tray to hold standard 10x10 mm cuvettes
Universal Cell Tray 96-position cell tray
Tray holder Additional tray holder with fixings