Mastersizer Auto-Lab

Measuring your samples so you don’t have to

The Mastersizer Auto-Lab is the Autosampler option for the Mastersizer 3000. Measuring up to 42 samples you can utilize the same great measurement flexibility as the Mastersizer 3000 whilst minimizing manual operating time. 

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We know your operators time is valuable, the Mastersizer Auto-Lab can give you the same reliable measurement as a Mastersizer 3000. Meaning your team can be positioned where they will add most value to your business.

The Mastersizer Auto-Lab is designed to house the Mastersizer 3000 and uses the same reliable SOPs  developed for your manual measurements 

A robot selects a pre prepared sample vial from the input sample tray and move it to the dispersion unit. Using a plunger and rinse system we ensure all of your sample is measured. This ensures no sampling bias or cross contamination. 

The sample tray can accommodate 3 priority samples meaning you can interrupt the sequence to get the data you need when you most need it. 

[ICON_UP_TO_45_SAMPLES_test_tube_liquid.png] ICON_UP_TO_45_SAMPLES_test_tube_liquid.png
[ICON_HIGHEST_ACCURACY_chart_upward_growth.png] ICON_HIGHEST_ACCURACY_chart_upward_growth.png
[ICON_FAST_RESULTS_clock_timer_speed_list_tick.png] ICON_FAST_RESULTS_clock_timer_speed_list_tick.png
[ICON_ROBUST_and_DURABLE_shield_hammer.png] ICON_ROBUST_and_DURABLE_shield_hammer.png
Up to 45 samplesHighest accuracyFast resultsRobust and durable


Sample specification

样品数量 42 plus 3 in a priority tray
尺寸 * 1500 μm (MV) 2100 μm (LV)
样品量 0.5 ml to 10ml


测量时间 5 minutes (SOP dependent)
尺寸: 845mm (h) x 995mm (w) x 1370mm (l)
注解 LIMS integration possible (optional)