Enabling consistent results across multiple instruments

As an additional package for our Wafer Analyzer 2830 ZT platform with SuperQ software, ToolMatch makes consistent results across your equipment simple.

By calculating the regression of systematic differences in semiconductor analysis, this software enables automatic results tuning, based on the ToolMatch correction between Wafer Analyzers. It is the ideal solution for ensuring consistent results both within and across sites.

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ToolMatch software allows faster calibration of your Wafer Analyzers in a more efficient and accessible way. Removing the need for continues specialist setup, this simple-to-use tool automates results recalculation, based on the ToolMatch calibration and ensures consistent outcomes across different equipment.

As well as ensuring consistent measurement results across different equipment, this software also comes with easy application transfer functionality. This means that applications can be distributed from one tool to another, enabling a faster matching process and more accurate analysis between tools.

Benefits and features

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Easy to use

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Quick data transfer

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Maximized uptime

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Improved quality control

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Ideal for use within or across sites

  • Easy to use
    This software enables even inexperienced operators to automatically determine differences and correct for these differences, enabling more frequent equipment calibration with smaller process errors.

  • Quick data transfer
    With added transfer functionality, this software enables application transfer from one tool to another, making tool setup faster and easier, while significantly reducing the risk of human errors.

  • Maximized uptime
    Traditional methods for equipment setup and calibration rely on specialist assistance. The ability to calibrate equipment more regularly in a simple way (without continuous specialist input) means that results are more reliable, and the tools up-time significantly improved.

  • Improved quality control
    Fast and simple calibration helps to eliminate discrepancies between equipment, offering accurate, consistent results for analysis.

  • Ideal for use within or across sites
    By enabling automatic results standardization and application transfer functionality, this software ensures consistent results for Wafer Analyzers within a site, or across different locations.


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