An automated solution for low-interference XRF analysis

DifferAction is an optional extension for our Wafer Analyzer 2830 ZT spectrometer platform with SuperQ software, which enables automatic wafer angle optimization for more accurate XRF analysis.

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DifferAction makes the wafer analysis process quicker, easier, and more precise to identify the point at which XRF rays encounter the lowest interference.

In addition to optimizing the wafer offset angle in real-time spectrometry, this software also comes with pre-recorded patterns. This means it’s easy to see at a glance what the results of your analysis would be for different channels and positions within the spectrometer.

Benefits and Features

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High-quality results

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Faster, more reliable equipment setup

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Easily adaptable to new substrates

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Low running costs

  • High-quality results
    By optimizing the wafer offset angle, instead of relying on manual methods, this software enables consistently high-quality and accurate results

  • Faster, more reliable equipment setup
    Machine setup based on standard rotational measurement relies on the consistency of wafer production – which is prone to error. The automation of machine setup helps to mitigate wafer variance and ensure that the analysis process is quicker, easier, and more reliable

  • Easily adaptable to new substrates
    Fast identification of diffraction peaks means that new substrates can be optimized for XRF analysis quickly and easily. With a pre-loaded reference set included with this software, you can also predict patterns for new configurations with minimal effort

  • Low running costs
    Manual measurements to find diffraction peaks on wafers are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The ability to automate this process (without specialist input) means that the process is less expensive and more efficient

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