Zeta Transfer Standard ZTS1240

For Zeta Capable Zetasizer Range of Instruments

Malvern Panalytical’s Zeta Transfer Standard has been produced to provide users of our Zetasizer Instruments to verify the correct measurement of Zeta potential on a regular basis.  Our Zeta Transfer standard are provided in boxes of ten single use syringes for ease of use.

The Zeta Transfer Standard is designed to provide a reliable means of checking and documenting the performance of your Zeta capable Zetasizer as part of your accreditation scheme or regulatory conformance (such as FDA, EMA or MHRA).


Zeta Transfer Standard How to Guides

Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra

How to use ZTS1240 to validate Zetasizer Advance

Zetasizer Nano Series

How to use ZTS1240 to validate Zetasizer Nano 

ZTS1240 FAQs

 ZTS1240 Intro and FAQ

Safety Data Sheet 


Zeta Transfer Standard Measurement Protocols: 

Zetasizer Nano SOPs

Zetasizer Nano Range ZTS1240 SOPs

Zetasizer Advance Methods

Zetasizer Advance Series ZTS1240 Methods