Reasons to upgrade to Mastersizer 3000 now

Unsupported or ageing technology presents business-critical risks to continuity, productivity and output in today’s fast-moving, high-tech laboratory environments where skills and practices have changed dramatically in recent years. Investing in new technology means weighing up the true costs of inaction versus the benefits of staying ahead and what that means for your business.

In April 2022, the long-serving Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer reaches the end of its supported life. This system triggered a revolution in enabling laser diffraction particle sizing to become the routine analytical tool the manufacturing industry relies on today. It also paved the way for the next generation Mastersizer 3000, a powerful system whose intelligent automated operation, extended measurement range and small footprint perfectly align it with current laboratory pressures and the need for streamlined workflows.

A fully supported upgrade to Mastersizer 3000 - whether from Mastersizer 2000 or from an alternative system or technology - will de-risk and future-proof your processes, and there are compelling reasons to act now.

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