Branching Calculation in Polyethylene

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00:00:00 Branching Calculation in Polyethylene
00:01:30 Branching Calculation in Polyethylene
00:02:28 Agenda
00:03:22 Introduction
00:04:28 GPC/SEC - The Separation Process
00:06:08 Advanced GPC/SEC Configuration
00:07:12 Background to Triple Detection
00:07:54 The Detectors
00:09:31 The Detectors: Dual Flow RI Detector (Concentration)
00:10:22 4- Capillary Differential Viscosity Detector
00:11:52 Light Scattering
00:12:38 High Temperature Low Angle Light Scattering
00:13:03 Triple/Tetra Detection
00:13:40 Methodology Overview
00:14:38 Methodology Overview…Ctd
00:15:58 Comparison of NBS 1475 (Linear PE) and 1476 (Branched PE) using M-H plot
00:17:51 Reproducibility of Mark Houwink plot
00:18:38 Quantitative comparison: Calculation of branching – Zimm Stockmayer approach
00:20:55 Long-Chain Branching Parameters
00:22:23 Determination of LCB NIST 1476a
00:23:36 Branching view
00:24:30 Agenda
00:29:07 Branching Calculation in Polyethylene
00:29:22 Contact Information
The viscometer and the light scattering detectors In the Viscotek High Temperature GPC enables the structure of polyethylene to be studied, including the frequency of branching by employing a specialised branching calculations module