Our new software suite AMASS (Advanced Material Analysis and Simulation Software) offers a wealth of key information to characterize your layered structures. Join this live webinar to learn what the new AMASS toolbox for X-ray scattering data from layered structures can offer you.

The suite comprises new comprehensive functionality to display, analyze, simulate and to fit X-ray data from thin-film layered structures. These thin layers can range from near-perfect single crystals (for example: III-V semiconductor laser structures), textured polycrystalline films (for example: magnetic oxide layers) to evenly layered amorphous films. The new intuitive GUI allows the fast and easy determination of key thin-film parameters, such as mismatch and relaxation, composition and layer thickness, density, roughness and more.

Join this webinar to learn what AMASS offers you for the characterization of your layered structures and to ask your questions during the live Q+A session.