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Winter 2020/2021: Finding new ways of working

2020 has seen lots of change around the world. One way or another, all of us have had to re-think how we work and consider whether we can do things differently. This includes universities, where people normally live and learn together. COVID-19 and the preventative measures against it have created several obstacles for university research. Increased time at home, large-scale lab reorganizations to create more space, funding changes and on-line conferences, have all caused delays and greater separation between researchers. 

At Malvern Panalytical, we too have had to adapt, so we understand the time and financial pressures this puts on every organization. Now more than ever, we are here for all our university customers too. Below, you’ll find some initiatives that we’ll be rolling out soon to help you succeed. Check them out – but feel free to let us know what would help you right now too! Don’t be afraid to Contact Us.

Masterclasses and workshops

To spend more time answering your questions and supporting you with the methods and analyses, we’re keen to provide more workshop-style meetings! 

That’s why you may have noticed the increasing number of webinars we’re offering. Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting free global and regional webinars and masterclasses to help you to get the best out of your instruments. Be sure to sign up for all our news and events, and don’t miss out!

Find out more about our Ask an expert! Series of webinars.

Don’t compromise on quality!

Funding situations are changing rapidly in response to regional economic demands. Are you struggling to complete a proposal because your funding situation has suddenly changed? Please contact us and ask about special terms to keep you on track. We’re all in this together – and we’re always looking for ways to navigate this changing landscape.