Analysis workflow consultancy

The setup quality of analytical methods and workflows, including sample preparation, validation, maintenance and standardization procedures are key factors determining the overall output quality of a laboratory. If one or more of these aspects is not optimized, analytical results are impacted, potentially leading to significant costs.

Malvern Panalytical offers the possibility to have our specialists review your current elemental, structural or morphological analysis methods. During this assessment, our experts will evaluate the performance of the actual analytical processes relative to the impact of the data quality on your processes. All aspects will be considered, including sample taking, sample preparation, method set-up and maintenance, data acquisition and validation. Sources of data variability will be identified and improvements proposed. The assessment can be performed as a single laboratory review or as a multi-site assessment in which both improvement as well as standardization are the goal. We will define the objectives and deliverables of the assessment together with you. Our findings, identified improvements and estimated savings will be documented together with a proposed improvement implementation plan.

We offer the assessment of processes in which our solutions are involved, as well as provide advice on the applicability and benefits of our solutions for processes that currently employ other analytical techniques.