Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

CLS-logo.png We take the time to understand your target pathway to offer the most appropriate assay for your stage of development e.g. screening for compound selection or detailed mechanism of action (MOA)/validation study.

Our services

PBMC assays are ideal if you require large scale analyses using simple immune stimuli. We can customise and design a PBMC study to meet your research needs e.g. TLR-stimulation for innate mononuclear cell activity or T cell receptor ligation for T cell function, accelerating your drug discovery pipeline.

PBMCs can be used in all areas of immunology, from autoimmunity to cancer, and in multiple assays. The data derived is informative for progressing to more advanced immunoassays (monocultures and/or co-cultures) designed to further interrogate the MOA of your compound.

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