Migration assays

CLS-logo.png Cell migration is a key mechanism of live cells and vital for an immune response and other disease processes. Assays to evaluate cell migration are important in understanding cancer metastasis and inflammation as well as wound healing.

We are developing a suite of in vitro cell migration assays such as the scratch wound and transwell migration assays to study live cell behavior in response to your novel drug candidates.

Scratch wound migration assay

A simple wound-healing assay to study directional cell migration in vitro using various cell lines chosen for your requirements. A “wound” is generated on a confluent cell monolayer and detailed cell migratory behavior evaluated using time-lapse microscopic imaging. Further customizable readouts include functional cell changes by FACS and ELISA.

Transwell migration assay

Investigate compound effects on immune cell migration with the transwell migration assay.

Cells are seeded in the upper compartment of the transwell and stimulated with a chemotactic reagent in the lower compartment. Cell migration is monitored over time, and migrated cells collected and enumerated from the lower compartment using FACS and counting beads. We can customize this assay by using specific immune cells and chemoattractants.

Please get in touch to learn more about our migration assays.