Dendritic cells (DCs)

CLS-logo.png We can help you understand the role of dendritic cells (DCs) and your drug candidate or target on the immune response.

Our services

We can screen DCs in a monoculture or in combination with T cells in a mixed lymphocyte reaction (allogeneic/autologous, immature/mature). We can offer custom assay readouts, in addition to standard flow cytometry (e.g. MHC, CD80, CD86, PD-L1) as well as cytokine release assays (e.g. IL-10 versus IL-12 from DCs or IL-10 versus IFN-γ from T cells).

Whether you’re studying cancer or autoimmune disease, we can tailor a study around DCs that meets your specific research needs. Our expert staff can guide you in answering research questions around DC maturation, polarisation, interaction, and efficacy as antigen-presenting cells.

Please contact us to learn how our DC research services can help meet your research needs.