Lead optimization


We work to an ethos of formulating and testing purposeful scientific hypotheses to deliver the best development candidates.

We see the bigger picture and build comprehensive data packages to help deliver the highest quality development candidate and backup series, thus paving the way for a successful preclinical and clinical campaign. 

CLS - Lead Optimisation - overview of capabilities graphic.jpg

Refining the lead structures throughout Lead Optimization

  • Design, execute and interpret in vivo efficacy studies
  • Enhance in vitro potency and in vivo free drug levels for target engagement at the site of action
  • Optimize ADME profile for the preferred mode of administration (oral, infusion, inhaled, topical)
  • Help define and refine the IP scope
  • Understand competitive landscape and drug candidate USP

Initiate studies enabling transition to Development Candidate nomination

  • Define a PK/PD model
  • Understand and de-risk on- and off-target toxicity
  • Establish human translational models (including a biomarker strategy)
  • Scout process route development for preclinical studies
  • Initiate pre-formulation studies