Medicinal chemistry

CLS-logo.png Concept Life Sciences has one of the largest chemistry groups in the UK working from state-of-the-art facilities and offering a comprehensive medicinal chemistry service to our clients.

Recognised therapeutic area expertise

Concept provides medicinal chemistry as a standalone or part of a fully integrated service which includes DMPK (in vitro, in vivo), biosciences, toxicology, API manufacture and solid-state analysis. We have recognized therapeutic area expertise in areas such as immuno-oncology, neurodegeneration/regeneration, immunology and inflammation.

Over 85% of our chemists are educated to PhD level and have diverse industry experience drawn from a wide range of major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our medicinal chemistry team works closely with our ADMET and in vitro biology screening teams to deliver highly efficient cycle times through the design-make-test cycle. We provide data, scientific insight and interpretation to inform the next cycle of design. We work on projects throughout the drug discovery process offering a range of services:

  • Hit identification and screening
  • Hit-to-lead
  • Lead optimization
  • API manufacture (GMP and PR&D)
  • Computational chemistry support and SBDD
  • Parallel synthesis
  • Multiparameter optimization supported by cheminformatics tools

We understand the importance of delivering against the project progression criteria and work closely with our customers to understand the competitive landscape and drug candidate proposition.

Concept scientists are viewed as true members of our partners’ project teams and we have established long-standing relationships, providing regular reporting on SAR development, LIPE progress, data trends and the evolving pharmacophore/protein docking hypothesis.

Medicinal chemistry capabilities

  • Multiparameter optimisation
  • SAR design and optimization for HTS work up and active confirmation, hit-to-lead and lead optimization
  • Fragment screening
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Parallel synthesis
  • Structure-based drug design

Specialist capabilities

In addition, Concept’s medicinal chemists have expertise in several specialist areas:

  • Bioconjugation and ADC synthesis supported by our comprehensive ADC characterization services
  • PROTAC synthesis and characterization supported by our analytical team
  • Compound design for diverse delivery routes oral, iv, inhaled and topical delivery programs
  • Nucleotide and nucleoside projects
  • Natural product derived programs
  • Peptidomimetic therapeutics