Investigative toxicology

CLS-logo.png Concept Life Sciences is a leading provider of predictive, mechanistic and investigative pharmacology and toxicology solutions to the chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics and consumer product industries. Concept has an extensive track record in the design, performance and interpretation of investigative mechanistic toxicology programs.

Customised toxicology solutions

Our teams build and deploy novel in vitro mechanistic assays for the screening of candidate compounds to provide comparative data on toxicological risk. This data can be used to drive further chemistry and compound development. Our experience in this area spans the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, industrial chemical, consumer products, and cosmetics industries.

We also offer predictive, exploratory and discovery toxicology and analytical services to characterize toxicity issues.

Specialist capabilities

Our team offers scientific expertise in:

  • Investigative and mechanistic pharmacology and toxicology (non-GLP or GLP).
  • Non-genotoxic carcinogenesis, human relevance, and secondary organ toxicity
  • Predictive, exploratory, and discovery toxicology (non-GLP)
  • Endocrine disruptor assays (across species, GLP)
  • Thyroid modulation assays
  • Metabolism (GLP)
  • Read-across strategies