Joint Malvern and Next Breath webinar will explore current trends in aerosol characterization of drug products

19 September 2012: Malvern, UK:  In a webinar that takes place on October 11, 2012, Joe Wolfgang from Malvern Instruments and Badre Hammond of Next Breath will examine recent trends in using advanced instrumentation for characterizing topical sprays, aerosolized powders, and nebulizer drug products in accordance with FDA Guidance requirements.

Next Breath, a pharmaceutical CRO in Baltimore, Maryland USA, is seeing increased interest in aerosol characterization of topical, powder, and nebulized drug products beyond the traditional nasal and pulmonary testing. Some methods are time-proven traditional techniques, while others are the latest laser-based instruments that offer tremendous speed and throughput, and provide drug product developers with fast and accurate results.  

Malvern's Spraytec is one of the key instruments used at Next Breath to quickly identify droplet/particle size distribution, in adherence with FDA guidances for new and generic applications.  This webinar will review how Spraytec is used, and how Next Breath uses the data to meet the sponsor specific drug product needs.

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